R a i n b o w  S a l a d
marinated rainbow carrots with organic greens, seasonal vegetables, crispy rice and vegetable granola, miso sesame dressing

calories: 378 – protein 10g – fat 12g – carbs 62g

C o n f i t  C h i c k e n  S a l a d
organic greens, olive oil confit chicken, lavender infused oranges and preserved orange marmalade vinaigrette

calories 465 – protein 32g – fat 18g – carbs 49g


C h i c k e n  K a r a a g e  W r a p
crispy marinated free-range chicken with tomatoes, cucumber, organic greens and buttermilk ranch dressing

calories 499 – protein 28g – fat 16g – carbs 62g

S u s h i  R i c e  B u r r i t o
with peppers, avocado fondant, tomatillo chutney, coriander wasabi tofu aioli

calories 420g – protein 11g – fat 15g – carbs 63g


B i s o n  M e a t  L o a f
with red wine reduction, basmati rice pilaf and roasted beets

calories 491 – protein 45g – fat 14g – carbs 43g